This is it.  22 days.

22 days until I say, “See you later” to those I love.  22 days until I will be packed with my clothes, ukulele, Bible, camera, and a heart ready to see what God has in store.  22 days until I will be flying to the first of four destinations.  22 days until I see the beginning of the amazing eight months I will be spending outside of the US.  22 days is it.  

Croatia, India, Brazil, Japan.  Just four small words.  But to me, they have a huge meaning.  Those are the places I will be living at for the next eight months.  Those are the places I will be meeting new friends, trying new foods, experiencing new cultures, and sharing God’s love with others.  Those are the places I hope to learn more about God, other people, and myself.

I don’t know what is in store for me these next eight months.  I have expectations of what the trip might look like, but who knows what can happen.  I am so thrilled to see what God has in store for me.  It will take a lot of faith, trust, and prayer.

So the countdown begins.  22 days.